Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ashton Shepherd – the New Female Voice of Country Music?

Ashton Shepherd could become the new female voice of country music. She is that good.

I found Ashton’s music after reading about her in a Chet Flippo column on Chet loved her music and now I know why. Check out Ashton’s myspace page and you will hear her fiery debut single “Takin’ Off This Pain” and her amazing “I Ain’t Dead Yet”.

Ashton sings and writes great neo-traditional country music. In fact her music reminds me of Alan Jackson’s. I recently learned that Ashton has sighted Alan Jackson as an influence. Since I love Alan’s music, this just raises my opinion of Ashton even more.

Lately it has been tough sledding for female country artist’s not named Carrie Underwood. It has been especially tough traditional sounding female artists. However, if Ashton and her record label can keep plugging away like Miranda Lambert and her record label are, Ashton’s could be something else.

I sense some veteran country female artists’ careers are slowing down, and that means new female voices are needed. It is real country music singer-songwriters like Ashton Shepherd we need in country music right now. Hopefully, we will a lot more from her.