Thursday, November 8, 2007

Alan Jackson - "Small Town Southern Man"

It is always good news when new Alan Jackson music arrives. “Small Town Southern Man” is the lead single from Alan’s new album due in February 2008. It is a touching song about Alan’s father journey through life. It is Alan at his traditional country music best and the song has some tempo to it which I like. I hope it will go to number one, and help Alan sell a lot of albums.

It is interesting to note - in light of my recent posts - that I found this song on Alan’s MySpace page before I heard it on radio or his Web site. This is yet another sign of the growing use of social media in the marketing of country music.

I should also note that Alan’s MySpace page is where I got the banner featured in this post. Thanks to Alan and his fan club for making it available for his fans to use.