Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Looking into Country Music 2008

Rather than review the year 2007, I thought I would look into the year 2008 and see where country music and some of its artists are heading.

I foresee more traditional country music being made. In the ever growing segmented music market that the Web has created, music for the masses is fading quickly. Country Music and country radio, in order to preserve their existence, must prove there is a unique and strong position for them in the market place. While country-pop will not die out, artists and record labels will find that traditional country artists have a better chance to build that unique position, and be able to build fan bases via social media like MySpace and YouTube.

Of course just making traditional country music will not guarantee an artists success. Artists must have talent and a charisma that draws people to them. They must also take the time to mobilize their fan base to advocate for them in the market place.

The cd will live on in country music for 2008, but I suspect more artists will release their music only via iTunes or other downloading services. Producing physical cd’s and having them stocked in stores will be left artists who the label can guaranteed will sell a certain amount of cds.

Country touring will continue to consolidate. Artists will continue to co-headline like Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are in 2008. Fans that are paying $60 - $140 for a ticket – not counting what they pay for parking, souvenirs, and dinner out – will demand more for their money. Country artists who care about their fans will respond to these demands. Country artists who do not respond will pay by losing fans.

Many veteran artists will find their stars faded, while others will see their prestige rise. New artists will emerge. I will review what artists will do what in 2008 in my next post.