Sunday, July 20, 2008

Go Go, Boof, and Me

Being I only work Monday – Thursday now, I had a chance to go see Carlos (Go Go) Gomez at local car dealership on Friday. The crowd was not too bad, so I was able to get Carlos to sign a baseball, and baseball card of him as a Twin.

Most Carlos Gomez cards I had seen were of him as a Met. However, I found a sports card store in Roseville called Three Stars Sports Cards that had a nice looking Upper Deck card of Gomez as a Twin. Cost me $1, but I got Carlos to sign it (he even put his number on it which he does not always do) and now it looks great.

Ever since Shinders closed, I have been looking for a good sports card store. Three Stars not only had a lot of the cards I needed, but they have their inventory computerized so I didn’t need go through boxes and boxes of stuff to find what I needed. I got several cards including a 1966 Harmon Killebrew for which I paid only $4. The book value for that card is $15, and I have seen it at both the Twins Cities Sports Collector Club (TCSCC) & Tom Franzen cards shows for $8-12.

I did not need to buy any Boof Bosner cards as I had three already. I got 2 of them signed Saturday when Boof appeared at the Twins Pro Shop in Minnetonka. Boof has a rough year on the mound, so the crowd was not large but he remains a nice guy who had no problem signing more than one item for people. I hope Boof can turn it around here in the second half of the season. We need him to establish himself as a good setup man who complements Guerrier and Crain.