Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good News Bad News

The good news is on Saturday I received my signed Harmon Killebrew baseball card and 8 x10 photo. I have stood in line five times at Twinsfest and the Twins Autograph Party to get Harmon to sign things, and only twice have I got through and actually got him to sign. The other three times the line was cut off before I got through.

Tire of this happening I sent a contribution to Harmon’s foundation. In exchange for a certain dollar contribution I could get items autographed. The price was not much more than it cost to get into and have him sign stuff at Twinsfest, so I decided to go this route. It worked great. Harmon got, signed, and returned my items in under 30 days. I was most pleased.

Now the bad news, I seriously damaged my signed Gary Gaetti 8 x 10. I was so happy when it arrived, and now I have pretty much ruined it. I spilt liquid on it. The only saving grace was the Killebrew picture I had just gotten was only a short distance away from the Gaetti picture. Luckily it was spared.

I will send another 8 x 10 to Gary, explain in my letter what happen, and ask him to sign a new one. Hopefully he will.