Sunday, September 21, 2008

Target Field

The Twins new stadium will be named Target Field. While Minnesota is home to many large companies like Best Buy, Medtronic, Cargill, US Bank, and General Mills; Target has always been the most aggressive when it comes to marketing itself. Many Twins fans I had talked to thought General Millis would buy the naming rights and name it Wheaties Field after the cereal of the same name.

However, I got the feeling that Target wanted to enhance their name nationally. Target has really expanded across the country, and having a MLB baseball stadium named after them will definitely raise the profile of their brand name. Add the fact that the new Target Field is right next to the Target Center (home of the NBA Timberwolves) and Target has venues named after it in two professional sports league. Though I am not sure, I think they are the only company that does.

I read that Target will be spending some money to enhance the plaza outside Target Field. That’s good because the people of Minnesota have never really enjoyed the pleasure of a good pre-game gathering place. The Metrodome plaza was never anything to get excited about.

Another good aspect of this deal is the joint marketing venture the Twins and Target will be undertaking. Hopefully this will include a several sections of seats sponsored by Target that will be affordable. I also think there will be multiple player appearances at local Targets.

The Twins and Target look like they will both be around (unlike the Vikings and Northwest Airlines) in Minnesota for years to come. It makes sense they should partner together. Target Field does not exactly flow off the tongue, but at least it is the name that Minnesotans can identify with and take pride in.