Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great TTM Successes From Great Guys

Baseball Hall of Famer Al Kaline has made my great guy list. I created a custom baseball card of Mr. Kaline on my computer. I sent the card to him with his signing fee of $10. Mr. Kaline not only signed my card, but also he also sent me a nice looking card of his own which he also signed. I have to admit it was awful nice of Mr. Kaline to send me that extra signed card. I had heard he was a really nice guy, this proves that to be true.

Another nice person is former North Star hockey player Bobby Smith. I sent a hockey card to Mr. Smith up in his native Canada, and I included a dollar to pay for return postage as I had no Canadian stamps to put on it. Well Mr. Smith not only signed my card, but put his own stamp on the return enevlop plus he returned my dollar to me. Thank you Mr. Smith! With the economy as bad as it is, I can use every dollar.

Rich (Goose) Goosage also proved to be a nice guy signing for me, and a lot of others, right before he was elected to the HOF. Why is that good? Well after he was elected to the HOF he started to charge for autographs. He could have held on to all the cards he received before getting elected to the HOF and sent them back asking for money to sign them. Instead he did the right thing and signed the ones he got before for free, and then charged people who sent to him afterward. Not all players would or have done the same.

Former Twins pitcher Al Worthington not only signed my custom baseball card on the front but the back as well. He also included a signed 3 x 5 photo of himself, some religious materials, a copy of an article of him in Life Magazine which he signed, and signed letter explaining why he had included the religious material.
He put all of this in his own envelop and put his own postage on the letter.

But one of the nicest things I ever got from a player was from former Twin Juan Rincon. I sent Juan a card to sign after he had been released from the Twins. I also sent him a note thanking him for his time with the Twins and urging him to keep his head up and that I felt he would be back in the major leagues soon. Not only did he sign my card, but he also included a hand written note thanking me for my kind words. That was great stuff from a great guy.

These are just some of the nice things that have happened.