Monday, December 15, 2008

New Laptop, Alan on CMT Giant, Some TTM Returns

One of the things I learned in my former life as a software and network support person is no computer will last forever. I learn that lesson again when I tried powering up my laptop and nothing happened. After a little troubleshooting, I came to the conclusion that it had seen its better day.

Now I have a new laptop and I can again post here. Here are some thoughts I have.

Alan Jackson CMT Giant Special

I was able to watch the Alan Jackson CMT Giant special over the Internet. I thought it was great. I especially loved the George Strait performance of “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)”. You can watch the CMT Giant special here.

Some Great TTM Returns

I had a huge TTM day on 12/4. I got three signed cards. One was former Viking kicker Fred Cox. I mailed the card to Mr. Cox’s Minnesota address, but the return envelop was postmarked Phoenix, AZ. Mr. Cox must own a winter home in AZ. Lucky him!

I also got my signed Alan Page card back. Mr. Page requires a $20 donation to his foundation in exchange for an autograph. I saw on his foundation’s Web site that his price was going up next year, so I hustled a card out to him. I now have 7 signed cards from the Vikings who were on the last two Super Bowl teams. Tarkenton, Page ($), Krause ($ - also sent me a signed HOF postcard), Bryant, Tickelhoff, Voigt and Cox have signed so far. I must say they have been better signers than some of their NFL brethren. It is a tribute to their character that they are decent enough to sign.

I will try to add to this collection. I have cards for Ron Yary, Chuck Foreman, Jeff Siemon, and Bud Grant ready to go. I hear Mr. Yary charges like $10. I know Mr. Foreman appears at Twinsfest and charges $. I also hear Coach Grant desires a chartable donation. I will send to Mr. Siemon after Christmas.

The third card I received from Camilo Pascual. Mr.Pascual was the first Twin to win 20 games. He did so in back to back years. I sent a card to him c/o Dodgers where he works as a scout. I was very pleased to receive it back signed. I must say Mr. Pascual has one of the neatest signatures I have ever seen. You can read every letter in his name. I don’t think Mr. Pascual is that young anymore, but he sure has some of best handwriting out there.

I wanted to also note I recently got back someone Mr. Pascual knows well. Sam Mele was the Twins manager in 1965 when they went to the World Series. In 2005 when the Twins held a 40th anniversary reunion of that team, Mr. Mele was unable to attend because he was seriously ill. I had assumed he was still not doing so well when I saw another person received a signed card back from him. I went out and bought a card of him and sent it out. About a week later, it was returned signed. I now have signed cards from the three greatest managers in Twins history – Tom Kelly, Ron Gardenhire, and Sam Mele.

Thanks to Mr. Mele, Mr. Pascual, Mr Page, and Mr Cox for taking the time to sign my cards
One other return to mention.

On 12/4 I received a signed card from Wayne Gretzky. I was quite please. I wondered it was a stamp or auto penned. After examining it, it is not a stamp, and it is likely not auto penned. Of course, I have no intentions of ever selling or trading any of my signed cards, so it matters little in the end. After talking to some people I know, it seems Gretzky was a pretty decent signer when he played, so maybe he carried it over to his non-playing days. Whatever, I was just happy to get a return in the mail.