Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Target Field Firsts

I have been part of 2 firsts for the Twins at Target Field. On 4/16/10 I attend the first night game at Target Field. On 5/7/10 I was part of the first rainout in Target Field history. That game was re-scheduled the next day and I was in attendance.

Overall I like Target Field. I sat in the lower level both games and had a good view of the action. The food there is way overrated, but the watching the game was enjoyable.

I found getting to Target Field was fairly easy. Lots of folks are riding the light rail and the North Star commuter trains to the games. There is a North Star station near where I live, so perhaps one day I will take the train to the game.

It also helps the atmosphere that the Twins are winning. I saw victories in both of the games I attended.

My first official signed baseball card return from Target Field was backup catcher Drew Butera. I did not have a card for Mr. Butera, so I created the one using a picture of him sitting on the bench while he was at the Twins farm team in New Britain. I told him in my letter there are worse things in the world then sitting on a major league bench watching Joe Mauer play.

In fact Drew’s dad Sal (who has also signed for me) was a backup catcher on the 1987 Twins. Sal did not get to play much either, but he did get a World Championship ring when the 87 Twins won the World Series.

As fate would have it, Drew Butera was starting at catcher the second game I went to, and got his 2nd hit of the year with bases loaded to drive in his first 2 runs of his career. What made it even more dramatic was that Joe Mauer had pinched hit for Alex Casilla right before hand and stuck out. Go Drew! For perhaps the only night of his career Drew Butera outshined Joe Mauer.