Sunday, November 13, 2011

Maya Moore Signs My Basketball Cards

In an earlier post I mentioned I had sent basketball cards that I had made on my computer to 4 Minnesota Lynx players asking if the would sign them for me. Seimone Augustus signed for me right away. Lindsay Whalen signed with a dried out marker and failed to even seal the envelope. Her cards are basically unreadable. Candice Wiggins and Maya Moore had not responded.

Well on Saturday I receive two envelopes in mail. One was former Minnesota Twin Kevin Jarvis who had signed a card for my current and former Minnesota Twins collection. The other was the Lynx’s Maya Moore! Ms Moore signed both the cards I had sent her in blue sharpie; personalizing them and adding the bible verse Col. 3:23.

I think Maya Moore will become the greatest female basketball player of all-time exceeding Cheryl Miller, Cynthia Cooper, and Lisa Leslie. I also find it interesting Ms Moore has chosen the wear the number 23 which was the number Michael Jordan (considered the greatest basketball player of all-time) wore. I found it even more interesting that Seimone Augustus wears 33 which was the number Scottie Pippen (Jordan’s right-hand man with the Bulls) wore. Jordan – Pippen, Moore – Augustus, perhaps the Lynx are about to embark on championship dynasty much like Jordan and Pippen’s Chicago Bulls.

The Lynx are very popular right now, especially amongst the growing sport fan base of young women. I have notice with every passing year more and more young women have been showing up at Minnesota Twins events and games. I believe the Twins and Lynx have been catering more to the young female audience, and it will help both organizations in the future.

Of course nothing helps a sports team’s future more than winning. Right now the Lynx are the WNBA Champs, and with young superstars like Maya Moore to lead them, their future is bright.

Thank you to Maya Moore for signing my cards. Above is a picture of the unsigned version of one of the cards I sent to Ms Moore.