Saturday, August 2, 2014

Oswaldo Arcia Autograph Signing

Arcia actually has worn #31 not #78 for the last two years

There has been a dearth of Twins player autograph appearances this season with only 3 so far. However, the most recent was Oswaldo Arcia signing at a Sports Authority this last Saturday.

I had only one signed Arcia baseball card, as he is not always one to sign through the mail. Of course on the day before his signing I got two signed cards back from him that I had sent to him during spring training. If he thought that would stop me from coming to his signing he was wrong.

I was surprised to see there was a nice turnout. Lately these signing have not drawn big crowds because interest in the team itself is down. When the Twins win, fans want player autographs. When the Twins lose, fans are not as interested in player autographs.

Despite the larger than expected crowd, I was able to get four signed Arcia cards which along with the two I got in the mail the day before brought my total from one to seven.

Arcia’s signature can get a little sloppy, but the one he signed the best was his 2014 Allen & Ginter which is good because I am into collecting signed Ginters. One interesting note about Arcia’s Ginter is that it has a picture of him wearing #78 when in fact he has worn #31 for the last two years. The picture on the Ginter is actually a cropped version of the photo on his 2013 Bowman Platinum. The Ricky Nolasco 2014 Allen & Ginter meanwhile has the exact same photo that is on his 2014 Topps Heritage. I would have hope Topps could have a little more diversity in the photos they used on their different cards, but it seems not.

Whatever picture is on the card, it is still nice to get some signed Arcia baseball cards.