Monday, February 25, 2008

Articles about Alan Jackson

With the imminent arrival of Alan Jackson’s new album “Good Time” there are articles about Alan and the albums starting to appear. Music journalism veteran Chet Flippo of compares Alan Jackson’s songwriting to that of Ernest Hemmingway stating:

“In some ways, Jackson has become the Ernest Hemingway of country music. In writing, that is. Not necessarily in lifestyle. At Hemingway's best, he told stories very simply, getting directly to the point.”

Flippo point is that Alan Jackson also tells stories in his songs that are simple and get directly to the point.

Flippo also says:

“There isn't another male country artist of any age right now who can match him (Jackson) for what he does best. And that's to write, sing, record and perform country songs of consistent high quality and relevance.”

The New York Times had a find
piece on Alan and his up-coming album “Good Times” Times writer Kelefa Sanneh states in the article:

“There’s no question that Mr. Jackson is a country kingpin, respected even by the impatient young singers who complain that the country industry relies too heavily on proven hit makers like him. But outside the world of country music, Mr. Jackson is often viewed less respectfully, not as an American original but as a Nashville clone.”

Mr. Sanneh could not be more correct. Alan is beloved and respected inside the country music industry, but not outside of it. Why else would Alan have won 16 Country Music Association Awards while only winning 1 Grammy Award.

One day those outside the country music world will come to understand how great Alan’s music is. I eagerly await March 4th when I can get a copy of "Good Time".