Monday, March 3, 2008

Update on the New Female Country Singers I Have Been Talking About

Ashton Shepherd releases her new cd on March 4th. Her lead single has made the top 30, but is not advancing well. I will be interested to see how a second single does for her.

I was able to listen to a preview her album. I would have like some more up-tempo songs, but the music is good. Still I do wonder what, if any, song on the album will break her through to stardom.

I wrote here about how Star De Azlan would use social media to overcome the obstacles that faced her. Well, her lead single “She’s Pretty” is fading at radio. I also don’t see her, as I hope she would, making full use of social media to generate buzz. Lady Antebellum is a good example of how country artists should be doing things on the social media front.

I still like Star’s song, but I worry things could be slipping away.

Julianne Hough has released her debut single to country radio. Not surprisingly it is not sprinting up the charts. However, it was just release, so there is plenty of time. It helps that Julianne is a more country-pop which is what radio likes. Also her fame from “Dancing with the Stars” helps too.

Each of these women have lots of work ahead of them.