Monday, March 10, 2008

A Review of Alan Jackson's "Good Time" Album

I have been listening to Alan Jackson’s brilliant new album “Good Time” which features 17 great country songs. I think it is his best album since “Drive” back in 2002. Here are my thoughts on the songs.

Good Time – A great up-tempo song about having a good time. Looks like it could be a big hit. It is one of my personal favorites from the album.

Small Town Southern Man – A wonderful story song. In fact the narrative in the song is so well done; I am analyzing it for an assignment in my graduate class on rhetorical theory.

I Wish I Could Back Up – I touching ballad about wanting to go back and love a woman again because he had become “smarter” about why he loved her.

Country Boy – Good song, nice tempo. Could have been a Hank Williams Jr. song from back in the 80’s.

Right Where I Want You – This ballad is good, but I am not enthralled with it

1976 – A great auto-biographical song about Alan’s life back in 1976. Nice mid-tempo beat to the song.

When the Love Factor’s High – A ballad that recalls some of the better traditional country music of past. I like this song better than some of people whose reviews I have read.

Long Long Way – An up-tempo bluegrass song that makes me wish Alan had done the bluegrass album he had wanted to do. The trains whistle noise Alan makes recalls the same whistle noise he made in “I Only Want You” from the “Honky Tonk Christmas” album.

Sissy Song – A touching song about the death of a woman who had worked for the Jackson household.

I Still Like Bologna – A humorous and perceptive look at the raise of technology. The melody recalls “If French Fries Were Fat Free” from the album “What I Do”, but the lyrics are superior thereby making this a stronger song.

Never Loved Before – A bouncy duet with Martina McBride about love. The song lets people hear Martina without any of her normal vocal gymnastics.

Nothing Left to Do – The chorus of this songs is hilarious. I like the melody of song as well.

Listen to Your Senses - Not bad, not great.

This Time - Yawn

Laid Back and Low Keyed (CAY) – Another song about being the beach. Kenny Chesney has done 100 of these. Still it’s not bad. An enjoyable listen if you do not try to analyze it to much.

If You Want to Make Me Happy – A brilliant, traditional country ballad. The first time I heard it I knew it would be one of my favorites. Repeated listens have only strengthen that view.

If Jesus Walked the Walked the World – A song about how if Jesus came back today he would be a common man working in the plant and preaching in a country church. The choir at the end of the song was a predictable element, but still a good song.