Thursday, May 8, 2008

Alan Jackson's single "Good Time"

Alan Jackson’s new single “Good Time” is not receiving “the love” from reviewers at some blogs. Their basic contention is that it just another formalistic song from Nashville and they expected better from Alan Jackson.

I like “Good Time”. Yes it is a bit simplistic, but so was Alan’s songs “Tall, Tall, Trees” (written by George Jones & Roger Miller) and “Little Bitty” (written by Tom T. Hall).I find “Good Time” to be a great song to listen to while riding in your car, or spending a day on the lake.

When I listen to songs, I first listen to melody. If I like the songs rhythm, beat, and tempo, then I like to focus in on the singer’s voice. If those two elements are appealing, I listen in to the songs’ words. If I don’t like those first two elements of a song, I don’t really care to listen to the words, as the song already has lost its appeal to me.

If fact, I love a lot of bluegrass songs that are just instrumentals, because I enjoy the melodies.

That may not be how other people judge songs, but it is how I judge them. I love “Good Time” rhythm, beat, and tempo. Alan Jackson vocals are great. The words? Like Brooks & Dunn’s “Boot Scootin Boogie” and numerous others party songs, they words to “Good Time” will not entered in a creative writing contest anytime soon.

Still, I like this song. Enjoy playing it. And I am not alone, as “Good Time” is rolling up the country single chart. In the end reviewers will get their say in, but the masses ended up deciding what a success is and what is not. After all history only remembers good artists if they were popular as well.