Thursday, May 8, 2008

Carlos Gomez Hits for the Cycle

Wednesday night Carlos Gomez became the 8th person in Minnesota Twins history to hit for the cycle (a cycle is hitting a home run, triple, double, and single in the same game). Gomez continues show super-star potential. He also continues to hack away at pitches outside the strike zone making for some ugly at bats.

Gomez’s fielding has been first rate. He has better range and a better arm than Torii Hunter did. However, Gomez lacks Hunter “feel” for playing defense. Hopefully with time and experience Gomez will pick up this “feel”.

Gomez is the best base stealer the Twins have had in long time, and is on pace to lead the American League in stolen bases.

A lot of people complained when the Twins traded Johan Santana for Gomez, Philip Humber, Kevin Mulvey, and Derlios Guerra. Now with Gomez off to good start not as many people are complaining.

People are starting to call Gomez the Latin Kirby Puckett. They point out that early in his career Puckett hacked away at pitches, bunted a lot, stole bases, and played with the same kind of enthusiasm as Gomez does.

I am not ready to call Gomez the Latin Kirby Puckett. Gomez has some similar traits to Puckett, but it is unfair to hold Gomez to such lofty expectations. I will say I always look forward to Gomez’s at bats just like I did Puckett’s, because Gomez like did Puckett has the potential to be a game changer.

Congratulation Carlos on hitting for the cycle; I hope this is just the beginning of brilliant career with the Twins. We need you.