Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Biography of Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson is the foundation of Country Music. Since his 1989 debut, Alan has produced one of the finest bodies of Country Music. His well crafted, commercially successfully, traditional, Country singles have been a beacon of excellence in unsettled musical times.

Born in Newnan, Ga. on Oct. 17, 1958 Alan spent much of his early adult life selling cars, driving forklifts, and hoping for a career in music. The career started when Alan’s wife, Denise, who was a flight attendant, happened upon Glen Campbell in an airport. She approached Campbell and told him about her husband and his dream. Campbell invited them to come to Nashville, and eventually gave Alan a job writing songs for his publishing company. Alan, first though, had to take another job working in the mailroom of The Nashville Network.

Alan was delivered from the mailroom by Tim DuBois. Arista Records had vast success in the pop music world under its legendary founder Clive Davis. Davis’ instincts had told him the late eighties were the time to establish a presence in Nashville. Davis retained Tim DuBois to head Arista’s Nashville division. DuBois, a former producer and songwriter, was impressed with Alan’s singing and songwriting, and moved to sign him to a recording contract.

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