Thursday, October 25, 2007

MySpace and YouTube Help Market Country Artists

I am doing a research paper titled “The Effect of MySpace and YouTube on the Marketing of Country Music”. Though country radio is still the number one force in marketing country artists, new media such has MySpace and YouTube are making it possible for country artists to be noticed, and have commercial success with limited radio exposure. One example of this is Miranda Lambert.

Miranda has released 6 songs to country radio, and has no top ten hits. Still her debut album Kerosene sold around 900,000 units, and her new album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is selling well.

Miranda has found an audience not only with the help of country radio, and touring, but with the help of her active MySpace page and YouTube. These new mediums allow talented artists like Miranda to expose their music to people who perhaps do not listen to the radio, or want to listen to artist’s music when they, the listener, want to listen to it, not when some radio station wants to play it.

This is one advantage to using MySpace and YouTube. There are more, but you will have to read my paper, or attend my presentation to learn about them. However, here is a YouTube video posted by nwmac of Miranda singing one of my favorites “Dry Town” at her fan club party earlier this year.