Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gary Gaetti TTM Success

A weekend filled with Twins related activities (see previous posts) included the arrival of great item in the mail. Gary Gaetti was my first autograph request through the mail (ttm request) back in Feb. 2007. 9 days after sending my card I received a signed card back from him. I was very pleased, and began a wonderful new hobby.

After successes with several other players, I sent two more cards to Gaetti in late summer of 07, but never received anything back from him. I assumed he was either not signing, or did not receive them. It looks like it was the latter.

I got some official 8 x10 photos of some older Twins this year, and decided to send some out ttm. I sent out to Tom Brunansky, Greg Gagne, Randy Bush, and Gary Gaetti. To my profound happiness, I have received all four back signed with the arrival of Gary Gaetti’s today. Gary also was kind enough to sign a baseball card for me.

All four of the above listed gentlemen are class individuals. Brunansky and Bush even personalize their photo to me with Brunansky including his old uniform number on his. Gagne was the fastest returning his signed photo in 7 days, Gaetti took 47 days.

Many former and current Twins players are really good about signing autographs through the mail or in-person. I think it says something about the organization and the people and players in it.

Thanks Gary, Tom, Randy, and Greg for signing my pictures and cards. It is appreciated.