Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twins Live Unplugged

I attended Twins Live Unplugged last Thursday. Twins Live Unplugged is basically three or so Twins players showing up at a sport bar / restaurant and taking questions from fans and signing a few autographs. Joe Mauer, Mike Redmond, and Kevin Slowey were the official attendees with surprise guests Matt Tolbert and Brendan Harris making appearances.

Mauer’s presence ensured a large crowd, but I was most impressed with Slowey. He seems quite intelligent and witty. Mauer also seemed a little more animated than usual. I learned that he could rap, though he decline to do so when asked by female fan.

I was hoping to get Joe Mauer to sign an 8 x10 picture I had created of him. However, Mauer, Redmond, and Slowey would only sign an 11 x 17 picture that all three were on. Since I am not one to turn down free Twins autographed stuff, I took it. Actually, it looks quite nice making it a welcome addition to my autographed items collection.

I enjoyed the evening; and I would go to another one if the opportunity arrives.