Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twins Autograph Party

Last Saturday was the Twins autograph party. The current players were scheduled to start signing at 12:30. I arrived at 10:00 and found the lines for Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, and Carlos Gomez to be huge. I learned people started arriving for Mauer and Mourneau at 5 in the morning.

Luckily, I was not interested in any of those players. This year my goal was to get some baseball cards signed by some of the less famous players. Things worked out great.

First I got Craig Monroe, Jason Kubel, and first base coach and former player Jerry White. Craig and Jerry put their numbers on their cards as well as signing them. I always like when players add their uniform numbers to their signatures on items. It just seems to make them look better.

I then went and got Alexi Casilla, Matt Guerrier, and Kevin Slowey. Casilla signed his rookie card – adding his number. Slowey also added his number. I like Casilla a lot as a player and hope he will continue to perform well. He has Gomez like speed, but unlike Gomez, Casilla is more willing to work his way on base via the walk.

I moved on to pitching coach Rick Anderson, Brendan Harris, and Livan Hernandez. I was hoping to get the former World Series MVP Hernandez as I don’t think he will be around next season. The Twins will probably go with a younger, less expensive, pitcher next year. All three gentlemen included their numbers on their cards.

I ended with Jesse Crain, Mike Redmond, and Pat Neshek next. All included their numbers. Neshek also draws a little baseball using the P in Pat as the outline of the ball.

That made 12 current players and coaches’ cards signed. I could have had 14 as I still had time and there was not waiting at the Glen Perkins, Adam Everett station, but I did not bring their cards with. Oh well, Perkins should be around for a while with Twins, so I will likely be able to get him in the future.

The Twins alumni players started signing at 2:30. I got in the Rick Aguerlia, Al Newman, and Terry Steinbach line. Things looked good till Al Newman did not show. I needed Newman for the 87 Twins collection, so I was not happy when he did not show. Still I got Aguerlia, who does not usually come to these events, to sign an 8 x 10 picture and Steinbach signed a card.

I had almost an hour left, so I got in the Harmon Killebrew line, but the line moved too slowly and I did not get through. I did get a sun burn in the process as I forgot to put sun tan lotion on before heading out, and they did not bring any around until it was to late for me.

Disappoints aside, I still got 14 different players / coaches to sign for me adding to my collection. I also meet several interesting people. I also enjoy these events and look forward to the next one.