Thursday, January 17, 2008

Albums cover and track listing for "Good Time"

Alan Jackson's new album “Good Time” will be out March 4th. I found this album cover and track listing. I know the title track is an up-tempo song, because I saw a YouTube video of Alan performing it in concert. Also “Never Loved Before” is a duet with Martina McBride according to a press release I read. That press release also highlighted “1976”, “Country Boy” and “Sissy”.

Normally albums have between 10-14 songs, but “Good Time” has 17, which is nice to see. I look forward to hearing this album.

Track List:

1. Good Time

2. Small Town Southern Man (current single)

3. I Wish I Could Back Up

4. Country Boy

5. Right Where I Want You

6. 1976

7. When the Love Factor's High

8. Long Long Way

9. Sissy

10. I Still Like Bologna

11. Never Loved Before w/Martina McBride

12. Nothing Left To Do

13. Listen to Your Senses

14. This Time

15. Laid Back And Low Key

16. I You Wanna Make Me Happy

17. If Jesus Walked the World Today