Sunday, January 27, 2008

Twinsfest 2008 Part 1

I attended Twinsfest 2008. Twinsfest is the winter celebration of all things Minnesota Twins. I have gone for several years in a row now. I always enjoy myself.

Friday night Twinsfest was abuzz with the report that Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer had signed long term contracts. I found universal approval for this from all the people I talked to at Twinsfest.

Also Friday I got Michael Cuddyer to sign a picture of him dumping Gatorade on Jason Kubel after Kubel hit a walk off grad slam against Boston in 2006. Kubel was not at Twinsfest this year. His wife just gave birth a couple of days ago, so he stayed home with her.

Delmon Young was signing with Cuddyer. I got him to sign an Official Major League Baseball. He has an odd looking autograph, but I did a chance to have this conversation with him.

Me: Delmon, I am happy you are here, we need you.
Delmon: I need you guys, I need to be here.

Translation – Delmon is happy to escape Tampa and its losing ways for Minnesota and its winning ways. Hopefully, Delmon will have a big year. We do need him.

Later Friday night I got a chance to have to have Hall of Famer Rod Carew sign an official 8x10 photo of his from 1977 season. I also got to check out a model of the new Twins ballpark. Looks good though I do not see why they want to put bleacher seats out in left-field. If I go to a game, I want a “seat” to sit in, not a bench. The Twins people said they bleachers are just like Wrigley Fields bleachers. Yeah, that’s nice. I will be buying a ticket down the base lines.