Friday, January 4, 2008

New Female Artists Keep Making Country Music

For years we have heard about how tough it is for female artists in country music with most recent commentary being an article in 11/7/07 edition of the Tennessean. The article stated that only 20% of artists being played on country radio were women. Women continued to sell good, but they are not headlining tours, or getting key award nominations.

With those obstacles in their path you would assume the number of women wanting country careers would be dropping, instead it is on the raise. Here are just a few of female acts looking to break into country music in 2008:

Julianne Hough – The two-time winner of “Dancing with the Stars” proves she is more than one of the best, and best looking professional dancers, she can also sing. On her MySpace page she has a couple of songs, and in her blog she states she is already in Nashville making a country album.

The key to any country artist is good songs, good voice, stage presence and, oh yeah, good looks. Julianne has the voice, stage presence, and looks. It will be seen if she has the songs. However, her fame from “Dancing with the Stars” can only help her attract attention. If her music is good, she will be on her way.

H. Williams III (Holly Williams) – Daughter of Hank Williams Jr. and Granddaughter of Hank Williams Sr. Holly Williams is moving closer and closer to her destiny. In 2004 did a rock lending album then on March 16, 2006 Holly and her sister Hillary were in a serious car accident. Hillary got the worse of it, but both survived. Much like Hank Jr’s fall of a mountain in Montana in the 70’s, this could the decisive moment in Holly’s life. Her father decided to make his own kind of country after his accident, one gets the feeling she will make her own kind of country after her accident

Jewel, Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Branch, Jessica Simpson & Jessica Harp – Female pop singers are going country in droves. Will they be welcomed, or see as carpetbaggers? I think if Clarkson does go country, she will be welcomed. The other will have problems.

Ashton Shepherd – I have written some already about Ashton, but her talent and pure country sound need mentioning again. Ashton is the starting to get some traction on the country singles chart. Continued progress up the charts could mean big things for her, because she has talent.

Star De Azlan - I have also written about Star. I really like her debut single “She’s Pretty”. Like Shepherd, Star is moving up the charts. She could be something as well.

Heidi Newfield – The former lead of Trick Pony is recording a solo album. Her distinctive voice is already known to country radio listeners which will give her a chance to succeed.